SkySpotter 150 is a fully autonomous and self-sufficient medium-range UAV system with rotary wing design.




This platform has a number of advantages

  • Easy of Operation and Pre-flight Preparation
  • Not required for a qualified pilot & the runway
  • Extremely low heights and maximum proximity to the objects in space and hovering in direct proximity
  • Broad possibilities to solve a wide range of tasks
  • Cost efficiency compared with the use of manned aircraft
  • Does not endanger the pilot during performing tasks in hazardous areas.


Unmanned helicopter SkySpotter 150 is designed for a wide range of civilian, rescue and other missions.


  • Inspection of pipelines and gas lines, utilities and nuclear power plants (identification of emergency locations/sections)
  • Cartography, 3D terrain modeling
  • Geological and geophysical survey of the area (groundwater and raw material exploration)
  • Quarries and mining
  • Archeology and cultural heritage Monitoring and controlling of water areas (identification of floodplains)
  • Monitoring of natural areas
  • Monitoring of wildlife migration and protection, its vaccination, the distribution of medicated animal feed and monitoring its health state
  • Precise agriculture and spraying of vineyards and fields
  • Traffic infrastructure monitoring


  • Participation in search and rescue operations in the event of earthquakes, damage assessment and victim search
  • Overview of avalanche areas and people search
  • Detection and control of areas during the ecological, natural and technogenic disasters
  • Detection and observation of fire, searching for persons in the fire zone
  • Monitoring/tracking of collective events (demonstrations, sports events)
  • Identification and search of persons, registration/monitoring of foreigners/immigrants
  • Disconnect/interrupt the mobile signal
  • Participation in rescue operations at extensive road accidents on road, rail, air, urban and inland waterways and cableways
  • Police control
  • Control of radiation, biological and chemical substances in the environment

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For more information and technical details you can download out product brochure

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LIAZ a.s.

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LIAZ a.s. is a company developing and manufacturing unmanned helicopters. This company continues a long tradition of production the same brand - LIAZ trucks. The company, founded in 1951, produced up to 13600 vehicles per year in 10 manufacturing plants with 11000 employees.

LIAZ a.s. is not only a UAV helicopter supplier but it also offers interconnected systems and the other specific services and technologies. It delivers systems designed to meet Customer’s needs.

An extensive experience in the technical and production fields allows LIAZ personnel to introduce innovative technologies in the development and implementation of ambitious solutions.

Each Customer will receive a ready-made solution for the application of the complex SkySpotter 150, taking into account the client’s business features and the assigned tasks to the Liaz team.


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Ing. Pavel Vydra